We started this morning w/a light dusting of snow.  Then the wind came up and the sun came out.

When we came home from coffee the wind was blowing hard from the southeast.

One of the bluebirds was perched in the honey locust tree by the driveway.

She had her feathers fluffed, was facing into the wind and hanging on w/all her strength.

Spring in the Pacific Northwest is NOT for light weights,  you gotta be tough.


Today is the day!  We have a flock of six western bluebirds in the lower field, north of the log house!!!!!

It is so exciting to see them flit from tree to tree and from the perch to the ground and back up.

The first sighting in the spring is awesome!

There are many signs of Spring in the Pacific Northwest, but Old Man Winter keeps reminding us that he is still hanging around.  We weather is variable w/ snow , sun, wind, sun, rain, wind, sun…………

Our friend who lives in Sparta, a small, rural community north and east of Baker Valley (and @ a higher elevation)  called yesterday to say that on her way from the mailbox back up the lane to her home, a mountain bluebird flew over her!!!  Our Mountain Bluebirds usually arrive shortly before the Western Bluebirds do.  So we will keep a keen eye out for a flash of blue in the field north of the log house.

We had a totally beautiful day on Sunday, March 4th.  I walked the bluebird trail @ the golf course to cleaned & repaired the boxes so we are ready for the families of 2012.