We checked the western bluebird nest box today.

It is empty……….Oh, dear!  What has happened to our babies?

Both parents are in the area being attentive to one another.  There is no sign of destruction of the nest in the box and we cannot find any dead hatchlings near the box.

It makes my heart hurt to have them gone.

All we can hope for now is that the parents will stay and start another family time will tell.



When we arrived home from Montana yesterday we checked the western bluebirds’ nest box in the field north of the log house.

Much to our delight we have five fuzzy, very ugly hatchlings.  How does that go?  A face only a mother could love!

They are huddled together in the center of the nest.  You can count five little butts sticking out.

The adults sat on the split rail fence and watched while we checked the box.  There was one half of an egg shell on the ground by the box.

The hatchlings will remain in the box for 15-18 days.  So they should fledge June 4-7.  Just like it happens in our Magic Summer of Bluebirds book.

Great Gramma Nellis is the co-author and star of Magic Summer of Bluebirds.  She now makes her home in Montana.  We traveled across the Snake River out of Oregon.  Then east through central Idaho and north over the continental divide into Montana to see her.

What a pleasure to motor through the canyons created by the rushing South Fork of the Payette River to our campsite on Warm Springs Creek.  The white water was breath taking.

Next morning we passed 4 herds of elk and a high meadow (7000′) full of sandhill cranes.  But the best part was: after topping Banner Summit we got our 1st view of the Sawtooth Mountain Range and sitting in the top of a lodge-pole pine was a female mountain bluebird.  Sweet!

We had a delightful visit w/Gramma before we returned to Baker Valley.

Nesting bluebird

We checked the nest box yesterday when the female western bluebird was off feeding.

There are five eggs, which is what we saw on May 7th.  Therefore we should have hatchlings on or before May 21st.

We waited for the female to return so we could take a picture of her incubating the eggs.

Our down the road neighbors have nesting blue birds, too.

We also have wrens, phoebes, meadowlarks, lazuli buntings, white crown sparrows, quail, robins, doves, orioles, finches, tree swallows, vesper sparrows, flickers, magpies, ravens, red tail hawks….


Five Bluebird EggsYesterday I checked the nest box in the North field.  The female western bluebird was sitting/setting on the nest and did not move when I took the lid off the box.  So I put the lid back on and left her where I found her.

Today a friend came up so we checked the box again………….five beautiful blue eggs!  Awesome!  We will check again in a couple of days to see if she lays more or if we need to start the count down to hatching.

The Canada Geese @ Lake Bob all have clutches of fuzzy baby goslings following them……..too cute.

The wren was sitting on the garden fence yesterday so I hung the trailer house bird house in the apricot tree.  Seems to be a favorite nesting spot for the wren.

(I will ask our computer whiz to attach a western bluebird egg picture.)


All the birds here @ the Oregon Homestead are acting like it is spring.

Big time mating everywhere you look.

The bluebirds, robins, finches, phoebes, white-crowned sparrows and quail are all busy establishing territory and getting ready for new families.

The tree swallows have returned and are orbiting the log house.  The war should be on for nesting sites any day now.