We are having an exciting adventure this summer and next.  We are taking Great Grandfather Townsend on his last motorcycle ride.  As a new HighSchool graduate he rode the Lincoln Highway from California to New York, the on the Maine.  We are going on that same route.  Irv is on the motor cycle w/Dad’s ashes in a box on the back.  I am driving the SAG.  Google:  www.lincolnhighwayride.com and follow the fun.

Meanwhile back @ the homestead.  Earlier this spring we lost a nest box full of baby western bluebirds and two days later we found the female dead in the nest box.  Our male bluebird was sooooooooooooooo lonely.  He just sat in the top of the pine trees and looked sad.

He must have decided to do something about making up for his tragic loss, because when we arrived home after being on the road for 2 1/2 weeks we had our male AND he had a new lady!  Sweet!

AND they have a new nest with five blue eggs in the nest box.

Life is good!



Yesterday we worked the bluebird trail @ the golf course in Baker Valley.  Much to our delight we discovered 3 working mountain bluebird nests.  Two had eggs in the nests and one had very young hatchlings.  Awesome!

Additionally, there were 7 active tree swallow nests,  some w/beautiful small white eggs, some with young hatchlings.

We had to clean out 2 English Sparrow nests.  One w/eggs and one w/hatchlings.

A barn swallow nest on the  north eave of the  ‘outhouse’.  Lots of young robins.  Many red wing blackbirds.

Wild golf ball hit me in the leg, but that’s another story.


Yesterday morning our doe was up in the meadow south of the house.  She (we know she is ours because she has a black spot and a notch on her left ear) looked very pregnant (I know … pregnant is an absolute).

Last evening about 7:30, well before dark in the Pacific Northwest, we saw our doe and a young buck (her fawn from 2011) just above the fire line in the native brush.  As we watched out came two tiny, spotted fawns!  The buck wanted to sniff them, but the doe reared up on her hind legs and used her front hoofs the run him off.

This morning while I was riding my bike in the solarium, I looked southeast up the hill towards the stand of basin wild rye @ the corner of the upper meadow.  The doe was standing there looking towards the house.  Then out of the tall grass came one fawn to nurse.  After Mom & baby moved up the hill a bit the second fawn came bouncing out of the grass to join them.

In addition to the new fawns, this evening one of our ‘quail couples’ has a clutch of 10 fuzzy babies following them.  Little round balls of fluff w/legs. Love em!

It’s totally awesome what happens @ the Oregon Homestead.




On May 30th we opened the Bluebird nest box to see if the bluebirds has started a new family.

What we found was the female bluebird dead on the nest!  How totally upsetting!

We examined her body and found no wounds or areas of bleeding.   Have NO idea what happened to her.

We cleaned out the box.  The male bluebird is sitting in the top of the ponderosa pine tree crying.

All of us here @ the homestead are totally sad.