Our computer geek usually posts our pics on this blog….I got really brave and posted these “bluebird breakfast” pics myself.  You have to click on the pic to get to view the drama of each shot.  All this was happening just out our solarium window.  Way cool.

Waiting your turn in the bird world or the human isn’t something babies do well.


It has been a busy summer for us here @ the Oregon homestead and on the Lincoln Highway.  We invite you to visit www.lincolnhighwayride.com to see what we did and where we traveled on our journey as we traced Great Grandfather Townsend’s adventure of 1924.

Our last MSOBB post tells about our male western bluebird and his new lady and five eggs in the nest box.  Three of those eggs hatched and those three fledglings flew out of the next box this morning.  It’s always a time of high excitement w/lots of bird talk between parents and fledglings.  Micki is going to attach pics of our hatchlings @ 3 different stages of development

Things in the bird world are very busy.  The quail families all have their chicks out w/them.  They are fun to watch as they come up the driveway each evening.  The lazuli bunting fledglings are w/the parents and wanting help w/catching insects.  The speckled robin fledglings are as big as their parents, but still act like needy babies.   The red-tailed hawk parents are teaching their young ones to hunt (sometimes for quail).  The orioles spend their days in the willow tree rattling messages to their young ones.  The phoebe and western king birds are showing their babies how to snag an insect in mid-air.  All-in-all it’s quite a show.