Winter solstice

We have just returned home from the annual solstice party @ Tom’s house.  Tom is the artist/illustrator for Magic Summer of Bluebirds.  This is an annual event AND we have a summer solstice party, too.  The kids in MSOBB are making daisy chains to wear to that event.

Lots of good food and drink.  Everyone gatherers round the bond fire and holds candles and sings.  Mari is the leader for singing & chanting.  We all join in and raise our voices in an effort “to bring back the sun”.

Tabor & Jackson created the burning man this year.  He was a hunk!  Huge cottonwood branches for legs, pine boughs for arms and a face that only a mother could love.

When the guys pushed his platform into the fire he began to burn the sparks flew and the fireworks ignited.  Twaz quite a sight.

Our earth should begin to tip back and our days will get longer.  Now that’s amazing!