Happy New Year

Happy 2012 to all………it’s going to be an awesome year.

Yesterday to took a ride around part of this beautiful county in which we live.

We traveled east along the Powder River to Richland.  Then south up over the hill and down into the Snake River drainage.  We drove the river road that skirts the east side of the Snake River (which is the boarder between Oregon and Idaho).  On our adventure we spotted a herd of deer, several flocks of mallards and other ducks.

But best of all…….we saw 9 bald eagles and one golden eagle.  Such magnificent birds they are!

We are having a beautiful, open (that’s w/o snow) winter, so we took the Morgan Creek Road up over the top of Lookout Mountain and then down the hair-pin turns to I 84 and back into Baker City.

We do live in the center of the universe.