Spring ?!?!?!?

There are many signs of Spring in the Pacific Northwest, but Old Man Winter keeps reminding us that he is still hanging around.  We weather is variable w/ snow , sun, wind, sun, rain, wind, sun…………

Our friend who lives in Sparta, a small, rural community north and east of Baker Valley (and @ a higher elevation)  called yesterday to say that on her way from the mailbox back up the lane to her home, a mountain bluebird flew over her!!!  Our Mountain Bluebirds usually arrive shortly before the Western Bluebirds do.  So we will keep a keen eye out for a flash of blue in the field north of the log house.

We had a totally beautiful day on Sunday, March 4th.  I walked the bluebird trail @ the golf course to cleaned & repaired the boxes so we are ready for the families of 2012.