5 bluebird eggs!

Five Bluebird EggsYesterday I checked the nest box in the North field.  The female western bluebird was sitting/setting on the nest and did not move when I took the lid off the box.  So I put the lid back on and left her where I found her.

Today a friend came up so we checked the box again………….five beautiful blue eggs!  Awesome!  We will check again in a couple of days to see if she lays more or if we need to start the count down to hatching.

The Canada Geese @ Lake Bob all have clutches of fuzzy baby goslings following them……..too cute.

The wren was sitting on the garden fence yesterday so I hung the trailer house bird house in the apricot tree.  Seems to be a favorite nesting spot for the wren.

(I will ask our computer whiz to attach a western bluebird egg picture.)