Montana Adventure

Great Gramma Nellis is the co-author and star of Magic Summer of Bluebirds.  She now makes her home in Montana.  We traveled across the Snake River out of Oregon.  Then east through central Idaho and north over the continental divide into Montana to see her.

What a pleasure to motor through the canyons created by the rushing South Fork of the Payette River to our campsite on Warm Springs Creek.  The white water was breath taking.

Next morning we passed 4 herds of elk and a high meadow (7000′) full of sandhill cranes.  But the best part was: after topping Banner Summit we got our 1st view of the Sawtooth Mountain Range and sitting in the top of a lodge-pole pine was a female mountain bluebird.  Sweet!

We had a delightful visit w/Gramma before we returned to Baker Valley.