We’re home

We are having an exciting adventure this summer and next.  We are taking Great Grandfather Townsend on his last motorcycle ride.  As a new HighSchool graduate he rode the Lincoln Highway from California to New York, the on the Maine.  We are going on that same route.  Irv is on the motor cycle w/Dad’s ashes in a box on the back.  I am driving the SAG.  Google:  www.lincolnhighwayride.com and follow the fun.

Meanwhile back @ the homestead.  Earlier this spring we lost a nest box full of baby western bluebirds and two days later we found the female dead in the nest box.  Our male bluebird was sooooooooooooooo lonely.  He just sat in the top of the pine trees and looked sad.

He must have decided to do something about making up for his tragic loss, because when we arrived home after being on the road for 2 1/2 weeks we had our male AND he had a new lady!  Sweet!

AND they have a new nest with five blue eggs in the nest box.

Life is good!