Nesting bluebird

We checked the nest box yesterday when the female western bluebird was off feeding.

There are five eggs, which is what we saw on May 7th.  Therefore we should have hatchlings on or before May 21st.

We waited for the female to return so we could take a picture of her incubating the eggs.

Our down the road neighbors have nesting blue birds, too.

We also have wrens, phoebes, meadowlarks, lazuli buntings, white crown sparrows, quail, robins, doves, orioles, finches, tree swallows, vesper sparrows, flickers, magpies, ravens, red tail hawks….


Five Bluebird EggsYesterday I checked the nest box in the North field.  The female western bluebird was sitting/setting on the nest and did not move when I took the lid off the box.  So I put the lid back on and left her where I found her.

Today a friend came up so we checked the box again………….five beautiful blue eggs!  Awesome!  We will check again in a couple of days to see if she lays more or if we need to start the count down to hatching.

The Canada Geese @ Lake Bob all have clutches of fuzzy baby goslings following them……..too cute.

The wren was sitting on the garden fence yesterday so I hung the trailer house bird house in the apricot tree.  Seems to be a favorite nesting spot for the wren.

(I will ask our computer whiz to attach a western bluebird egg picture.)


All the birds here @ the Oregon Homestead are acting like it is spring.

Big time mating everywhere you look.

The bluebirds, robins, finches, phoebes, white-crowned sparrows and quail are all busy establishing territory and getting ready for new families.

The tree swallows have returned and are orbiting the log house.  The war should be on for nesting sites any day now.

We have been sooooooooooo busy the past weeks.  We took a trip to Hawaii to see two of the children (during their spring break) in Magic Summer of Bluebirds.  Then another one of the children (now a young lady) flew to Oregon to spend her spring break w/us.  Such wonderful fun!

Back to the Homestead – a herd of deer (14 total) visited us yesterday.  They are beginning to shed their winter coats so they look a little motley.

Our pair of western bluebirds are still here, but have not begun to build a nest yet.

We started this morning w/a light dusting of snow.  Then the wind came up and the sun came out.

When we came home from coffee the wind was blowing hard from the southeast.

One of the bluebirds was perched in the honey locust tree by the driveway.

She had her feathers fluffed, was facing into the wind and hanging on w/all her strength.

Spring in the Pacific Northwest is NOT for light weights,  you gotta be tough.


Today is the day!  We have a flock of six western bluebirds in the lower field, north of the log house!!!!!

It is so exciting to see them flit from tree to tree and from the perch to the ground and back up.

The first sighting in the spring is awesome!

There are many signs of Spring in the Pacific Northwest, but Old Man Winter keeps reminding us that he is still hanging around.  We weather is variable w/ snow , sun, wind, sun, rain, wind, sun…………

Our friend who lives in Sparta, a small, rural community north and east of Baker Valley (and @ a higher elevation)  called yesterday to say that on her way from the mailbox back up the lane to her home, a mountain bluebird flew over her!!!  Our Mountain Bluebirds usually arrive shortly before the Western Bluebirds do.  So we will keep a keen eye out for a flash of blue in the field north of the log house.

We had a totally beautiful day on Sunday, March 4th.  I walked the bluebird trail @ the golf course to cleaned & repaired the boxes so we are ready for the families of 2012.

As we came around the corner off 17th Street this morning we were delighted to see a crop of new baby goats – that would be kids – running & jumping & playing in the field.  Magic Summer of Bluebirds talks about the fun our grandchildren had watching the goats @ Donna’s.  There were seven this morning .  We will have to watch for more.

Yesterday when we looked out the library window the willow tree in the northwest corner of the drive was FULL of robins.  If robins are a sign of spring…it is here.

The soft rain and warm temperatures we have had the past few days have melted what little snow we had.  And in it’s place we have – MUD!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all.

We are having the 1st snow storm of the season!  We have had an amazingly open, warm, sunny winter.  It has been awesome.

However, this snowstorm w/its huge soft flakes is totally beautiful.

The deer on the hillside have  white coats of soft flakes on their backs.  The song birds – juncos, finches and pine skiskins- are all flitting about enjoying the sunflower seeds in the feeder and the chicory seeds that are on the bare stalks sticking out of the snow drifts.

We used the tractor to clean the drive and road and the snow shovel to clean the pathways.

We brought in a load of firewood to feed the stove and now we are having a cup of hot tea.

Tiz a winter wonder land indeed!


Happy 2012 to all………it’s going to be an awesome year.

Yesterday to took a ride around part of this beautiful county in which we live.

We traveled east along the Powder River to Richland.  Then south up over the hill and down into the Snake River drainage.  We drove the river road that skirts the east side of the Snake River (which is the boarder between Oregon and Idaho).  On our adventure we spotted a herd of deer, several flocks of mallards and other ducks.

But best of all…….we saw 9 bald eagles and one golden eagle.  Such magnificent birds they are!

We are having a beautiful, open (that’s w/o snow) winter, so we took the Morgan Creek Road up over the top of Lookout Mountain and then down the hair-pin turns to I 84 and back into Baker City.

We do live in the center of the universe.